Brando Chaplin Davis Getty

Leroy Neiman Original Oil on Board

Marlon Brando Jr., Charlie Chaplin, Sammy Davis Jr. and his wife,
John Paul Getty at Mirabelles famous restaurant.


36" x 24" unframed
45" x 34" framed


This particular original Leroy Neiman oil is absolutely stunning! The colors pop right off the board! Leroy Neiman was at the famous restaurant, Mirabelles, when he painted it of these four famous people of all time through Neiman's eyes. On the back of the piece, which is covered by a dust cover, he actually writes in his own pen the four names of the entertainers as well as the name of the restaurant: Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Sammy Davis Jr. and John Paul Getty at Mirabelles.






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